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RSS, Baby!

You know what that sound means? It’s time for Podcasting and the Blockchain. I am your host  Jennifer Navarrete and I’d like to welcome you to part two of a 30-part series. The goal of this show is to connect the dots between traditional podcasting and content creation with Podcasting 2.0 and Web3.
Now before we dive into Podcasting 2.0 and Web3, we first have to take a look at some of the core mechanics of podcasting. So that’s the focus of today’s bite-sized nugget eposode. Remember each of these episodes builds upon the next. 
Traditional podcasting hasn’t changed much since it first become widely known in the early 2,000’s. It’s been a while since then.  Let’s travel back in time for just a moment. 

Gotta Go Back In Time

Remember when the only way you could be heard was if you were on the radio? But you couldn’t be heard everywhere. You were limited to the max reach of the radio waves in your local area. So while radio was great to be heard, it had a limited reach.
Then podcasting came along and not only could you be heard, but because it was on the worldwide web you could be heard globally. I know for me the realization that I could record something, put it up on the web, and no one could stop me was a real game changer. That was back in the summer of 2005. I launched my first podcast in September of that year and the rest is history.
So what made it easy for anyone around the world to hear me and other podcasters?

RSS, baby!


What is RSS? Well let’s start with what RSS means. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. Think of it this way. You know how magazines come out once a month? If I wanted my favorite magazine, I could go to the book store every day to check and see if the new issue had released. On one day out of the month I would hit the jackpot and walk out with the latest magazine issue. OR, I could subscribe to the magazine and it would automatically come to my door when it was published. So, subscribing to your favorite podcast via their RSS feed means I don’t have to go to their website everyday to see if they’ve released a new episode. Nope. I can subscribe or in the case of Apple Podcasts“follow” my favorite shows and episodes will automatically show up on my device for me to listen to when I am ready. RSS is cool like that.
BTW, to hear a detailed history of RSS and podcasting, I highly recommend listening to Ed Watters from the Dead America podcast. The episode titled, “How did this RSS thing begin anyways?”  Link is in the show notes and let me tell you it is worth a listen. You’ll have a much greater understanding of just how simple and powerful RSS is and an appreciation for both Dave Winer and Adam Curry who put it all together to make it happen. 
So as amazing and simple as RSS is, not much has changed in all of these years…until late 2020. This is when RSS was dusted off and got a makeover. Which is very important. Especially as it relates to Podcasting 2.0 and Web3. This topic will be a multi-part series within Podcasting and the Blockchain which I will talk more about in future episodes. 

Come Back Y’all

For now, I would like to thank you for joining me.  I invite you to subscribe to Podcasting and the Blockchain (with my RSS feed). I’d also like to invite you to connect with me online. I’m @epodcaster on both Web2 and Web3. 
Why Web2 and Web3? Because the way I see it,  the future of podcasting is on the blockchain. 

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Ed Watters, Dead America Podcast
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Adam Curry
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Blockchain NaPodPoMo Podcasting 2.0 Web3

Introduction of the Podcasting and the Blockchain 30-Part Series

Awww yeah! It’s time for Podcasting and the Blockchain. I am your host Jennifer Navarrete and I’d like to welcome you to the show that connects the dots between traditional podcasting and content creation with Podcasting 2.0 and Web3.

If you have no idea what I just said, then I invite you to strap in for this 30 part series because you are going to be in for a wild ride. One which will open you eyes to the new world of content creation where ownership and the opportunity for micro-monetization are part and parcel of everything piece of content you create.  

So what can you expect from Podcasting and the Blockchain’s 30-part series? Small bite sized nuggets of audio where each episode builds upon the next so that by the 30th episode you will have a solid understanding of what Podcasting 2.0 has to offer podcasters and podcast listeners. 

We’ll also touch upon how Web3 ties beautifully into every aspect of content creation and why you might want to consider jumping all in because the way I see it,  the future of podcasting is on the blockchain.